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What Happens If Your Property Tests Positive For Meth?

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If your home, office or investment property has become contaminated from a meth lab or heavy meth smoking, you’d want to hope you paid a little extra for a strong insurance policy or good landlord insurance because you may find yourself heading down an expensive road with expensive lab testing, clean-up cost and final post remediation testing to give the all clear. A quality insurance policy will cover up to $50,000 in testing and cleanup costs. A list of insurance companies who cover meth lab testing and cleanup cost associated with property contamination caused by an illegal Clandestine drug lab can be found here >> Insurance companies that cover meth lab clean-ups <<

If the police raided the property and found ingredients and or equipment used to manufacture drugs, they will in most cases inform your local council. The local council will inform the land owner by formal letter that there property has been likely contaminated from a clandestine drug lab or the ingredients commonly used in illegal drug manufacturing. As a result your property will be deemed a contaminated site until validation testing can prove there is no longer contamination present. , A notice to remediate the property will be issued and enforced by local government.

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