2016 NZ record ice seizure – 448 kg of Methamphetamine busted by police
Outperforming the entire 2015 year gross meth seizure amount by 114kg in just one bust. At 448 kilograms the methamphetamine[...]
What does it cost to clean up after finding your house has been contaminated by a meth lab?
Each property is different depending on the level of contamination and how far spread the contamination is. Often, its not[...]
How long does a property stay contaminated from Meth residue?
There has been little research into contamination levels over time however there have been several cases reported in australia and[...]
How do you clean a meth house?
Each house is different depending on the severity and frequency of the use or production. Some houses have been found[...]
Meth in your house – who is responsible?
In Australia, the owner of the property has an obligation to ensure the property is safe for future use. However,[...]
Why should I test for meth in my home?
Most people when they purchase or rent a home are unaware of previous tenants or owners use of the property.[...]

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