Meth Test Kit FAQ

What are the indicators that meth has been produced, smoked or cooked in your house?

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Meth is made of a number of easily accessible ingredients; these include:

Sulphuric acid – found in household drain cleaners, lithium batteries, pseudoephedrine often contained in over the counter cold and flu tablets, acetone and red phosphorus – the red substance on matchsticks, along with a number of other ingredients.

These ingredients, among others are normally found stored together or in the house where you wouldn’t expect them. Production of meth causes metal surfaces, such as light fittings and door knobs to rust. Often you may find the light bulbs have been removed and smoke alarms disabled, as turning on a light can cause a spark to ignite the flammable gases produced. The walls may be stained slightly red or brown, other areas of the house may have white powdery residue present – even a small amount can be quite dangerous.

If the tenants or residents are paying rents/mortgages with cash, this can also be a tell-tale sign.

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