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How to Test if Your Property was Used as a Meth House

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There are 2 ways to test your property for Methamphetamine. The first is a Home DIY Meth testing kit, relatively new to Australia and only available from a few select companies.

Do It Yourself Meth Test Kits are designed to be used by everyday people without the need for expensive lab testing. Each kit includes written instructions and a link to a video with step by step instructions to follow. DIY Home Meth Testing kits are only designed to give a positive or negative reading and should only be used as an indicative test to determine if your property is contaminated above safe levels.

For example: You are a landlord or property manager and you have a tenant that you suspect may be using or manufacturing meth, speed or ice. This test kit will tell you if there is methamphetamine contamination in the property above 0.5ug per 100cm2. Readings above this level are deemed unsafe for habitation according to EPA Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation Guidelines.

If the test kit gives a positive reading to meth, the next step is to arrange for extensive laboratory testing to determine the level of contamination. The cost for Methamphetamine lab testing will depend on the size of the property and how many rooms are contaminated. The more swabs/samples taken to be analysed, the more it will cost to test. The higher the readings, the more it will cost to clean.

Previously only expensive lab testing was available and required a technician to visit your property and take the samples. This cost can vary between $1000-$5,000+



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