Property Managers and duty of care for Meth contaminated rentals homes
Property Managers have a duty of care to not only their landords but the tenants who are renting the property.[...]
How to Test if Your Property was Used as a Meth House
There are 2 ways to test your property for Methamphetamine. The first is a Home DIY Meth testing kit, relatively[...]
What is the safe level of Meth?
Clandestine drug laboratory remediation guidelines suggest safe levels of methamphetamine ( or residues of) do not exceed 0.5µg (ppm). Long[...]
What are the indicators that meth has been produced, smoked or cooked in your house?
Meth is made of a number of easily accessible ingredients; these include: Sulphuric acid – found in household drain cleaners,[...]
What Happens If Your Property Tests Positive For Meth?
If your home, office or investment property has become contaminated from a meth lab or heavy meth smoking, you’d want[...]
What Happens To The Furniture And Contents In The Property Of A Meth Lab
The bad news here is that, if you have just moved into a property and discovered later on that the[...]
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