Meth Testing Melbourne

Melbourne Meth Testing plays an important role in the purchasing and leasing of a property. The dangers of purchasing, renting or living in a property contaminated by meth residue can have harmful effects not only on your health but also your financial position. Providing our meth testing services to all homeowners, real estate agents, government agencies and investors, Melbourne Meth Testing assists our clients in all aspects of meth testing.

Melbourne Meth Testing Services

In the 2015-16 financial year, over 144 meth labs were discovered and seized in Victoria alone. Research indicates that only 10% of meth labs are discovered. Couples with the fact that most meth residue contamination is being caused by occasional and habitual smoking alone, it is evident why Melbourne Meth Testing of all properties is so important.

DIY Meth Test Kits Melbourne

A DIY Meth Testing Kit is a simple, easy-to-use and affordable solution for meth residue detection. Saving our clients time and money, a DIY Meth Testing Kit provides a discrete and fast positive or negative result to ensure their rental, investment or home is safe and free from meth contamination.

Expert Meth Testing Melbourne

Damning research has uncovered just how prevalent meth use and thus, meth residue contamination is across Melbourne and Victoria. If you are planning to buy or rent a property and suspect it has been contaminated by meth residue, there are several testing and assessment options available. Composite Meth Testing Melbourne is where samples from up to 10 rooms are analysed together, giving the client an accurate reading of the theoretical contamination level for all areas of the property, not just a positive or negative result. Discrete Forensic Meth Testing is ideal for anyone wanting to look at room by room testing to get a profile of the spread of meth contamination. Discrete Laboratory Testing allows clients make an informed decision on the best next step ensuring un-necessary costs are not spent in remediation

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