is run by Meth Lab Cleaners Australia – Our Goal is to reduce the number of Clandestine Methamphetamine labs in Australia by providing Property Managers, Landlords and home Owners with a fast a cheap form of detecting Meth contamination. Word in the drug industry spreads fast, getting your property tested for meth will make meth cooks think twice before deciding to use your house to manufacture Ice or Meth.

With years of experience in Meth Lab remediation, we pride ourselves on providing quality service and advice to our customers. After years of only being able to provide expensive and time-consuming tests conducted by specialised laboratories that need to be sent to a lab for testing; we now have a simple, cheap and effective way to test whether any property has been exposed to the dangerous chemicals generated by the manufacture of Methamphetamines.

We are committed to maintaining confidentiality and building trust with our customers to ensure we can assist quickly and easily. By providing our customers with the ability to conduct their own test for suspect drug labs in their home, rental property or vehicle – we save you time and money, and give you comfort that your property is safe and not a venue for dangerous criminal activity.

“DEATH TO METH” – Providing Education, Prevention & Accountability (EPA)

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