DIY Home Meth Testing Kits - Test For Drug Residue 

Test your family home for Drug Residue with a Drug Residue Testing Kit for ICE 

Worried about a possible Meth Lab on your property? Have the Tenants been smoking or cooking Ice?

DIY Home Meth Residue Testing Kits will detect drug residue on surfaces in your home in under 5 minutes

Instant Positive or Negative Results for surface Meth residue  The quickest and cheapest way to test your home for drug residue - If positive we can conduct for lab testing and talk you through the next steps in making your home drug residue free

As seen on SBS, ACA & 9 News

Check for Meth in all rooms of your house with a 3pk, 5pk or 10pk of Meth Residue Testing kits​

3 x DIY home meth residue tests

Meth Residue Test kit x 3

3pk of DIY home meth residue test kits Test up to 2 rooms only

5 x DIY home meth residue tests

Meth Residue Test kit x 5

5pk of DIY home meth residue test kits -Test up to 4 different areas or rooms​

10 x DIY home meth residue tests

Meth residue testing kit 10pk

Meth Residue Test kit x 10 - Ideal for testing an entire home in all rooms

Get your Home DIY Meth Testing Kit today

End Of Lease Meth Testing Rental house

Mid / End of lease Meth Test

Meth Test Kits for Property Managers

DIY Home Meth Test Kits

Check if your home has been used as a meth lab with a DIY Home Meth Test Kit

Meth Lab Clean ups can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 + Always check a house before you buy or you might be up for a very expensive clean up bill not covered by most insurance​ policies. 

Pre-purchase Meth Test

Pre-purchase Meth Test

Pre-purchase House Meth Test Kits

Meth Testing for Homes

Test your home or rental property for Meth residue contamination on your walls and surfaces

Meth Testing for Cars

Test your Car, Truck or other Vehicles for Meth Drug Residues

Meth Testing for Business

Test your business or workplace for Meth surface residue

Put your mind at ease with a Meth Test for your home, car or business

Frequently Asked Questions About Meth Test Kits

Granny flat tested positive to Meth residue and yet looked perfectly clean inside. Meth residue is not visible unless tested - a simple meth test kits could save your health & wallet by avoiding meth contaminated properties in Australia. 

In this video we take a closer look at some of the chemicals used in making ice: Some of the ingredients used to make meth include brake fluid, sulphuric acid, acetone (nail polish remover), red phosphorus, hydrochloric acid, drain cleaner, lithium batteries & Pseudoephedrine (cold and flu tablets)


About Meth Testing Kits Australia

Previous to our DIY Home Meth Test Kits, the only way to detect the residue resulting from an illegal Clandestine drug lab was using expensive lab testing. Not only does NATA Swab lab testing cost $1,000's but the average turn around for results is between 1 week. If a positive result is indicated using a Meth Test kit then the next step is full swab testing. This involves taking a swab sample from all rooms individually and sending them to a laboratory for analysis to determine the level of contamination in your property.

Our Meth Test kits were developed by a department of the American Government are are extremely accurate

At Meth Testing Kits Australia we can now offer the most accurate, reliable & instant do it yourself Home Meth Residue Testings Kits available on the market. Positive or negative results for meth surface drug residue in less than 5 minuets. Read more about our Home Meth Test Kits here…


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