meth testing kit

Meth Testing Kits for your home, rental property, business or motor vehicles​

Meth Labs are now a common problem in Australian properties, often leaving the landlord or property owner with a seriously contaminated property. One the other hand, as a property investor it can be a very costly investment to find out after purchasing a new property that previous owner or tenant used it to cook meth. 

Just like any pre-purchase pest and building inspection, it is highly recommended that you perform your own Meth Test prior to signing a contract on any properties in Australia. Meth Lab statistics are on the rise and rental properties represent the most common place to find a meth lab according to the latest statistics. It is estimated between 60-65% of all meth labs found in Australia are in rental properties.

Purchase a 10pk of Meth Testing Kits for: $149.00

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Meth Testing for Homes

Meth Tesitng kits are perfect for testing Family Homes, Hotel and Motel rooms, Teenagers bedroom, Rental Properties, Dorms and common rooms, Sheds and Garages

Meth Testing for Cars

Meth testing a car or truck

Meth Testing kits can be used to test all motor vehicles: Cars, truck cabins, work vehicles, boat cabins, Caravans, Campervans & Motor Homes

Meth Testing for Business

Work in a large office or warehouse and suspect someone is smoking ice in a back room or maybe the premises was used to cook meth & ice - now you can test any room with a Meth Test Kit

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