Meth Testing Kits for Businesses

Methamphetamine testing Kits For Business or Office

Each year the incidence of illegal manufacture of methamphetamine in Australia is increasing at an alarming rate. Properties where these activities occur are not limited to residential areas, but more often in places of opportunity – hotels, factories, workplaces and unoccupied buildings.

The production of meth contaminates the area with a number of toxic chemicals which can render the space uninhabitable, causing both short and long term health effects for those that enter or reside in the area. Even after removal of the lab and associated equipment – it is likely that any porous surfaces have been left contaminated; including curtains, floors (wooden and carpet), walls and even ventilation systems.

If you suspect your property is, or may have been the venue for illegal drug activity or manufacture – make sure you check; before putting yourself at greater risk or financial liability.

How? With an easy to use – inexpensive; DIY Meth Test Kit.

The kits can be used by anyone – with the help of our “How to use meth testing kit” video, provided with each kit, which provides easy to follow, step by step instructions.

The simple test method will quickly identify whether there is a problem, giving you peace of mind, or allowing you to take the next steps in solving the problem.